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Rheology Consulting



"I found Lisa to be very knowledgeable, helpful and down to earth.  She has an ability to explain things in such a manner as to resolve your problem in the least amount of time and insure that the problem, or similar problems, do not arise again.  In addition, her expertise on rheology in general is beneficial in planning future research endeavors."

-Gordon, Senior Chemist

"Her goal is to train the [rheometer] users so that they could work independently, but she remains there for her trainees to answer most complicated questions which come up during the hands-on research work, and helps researchers to work on innovative methods which were not previously published. We are grateful to Lisa for her work with us and would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in working in the field of rheology."

-Alexandra, Laboratory Manager

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Gain valuable insights from published sources with a Custom Literature Report

Rheology Education

On-site and Online Training for Scientists, Engineers, and Technicians

Method Design and Problem Solving for Research, Product Development, and Quality Control

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