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Murray Rheology Consulting is an independent firm that offers rheology advice, rheology education, and rheometry test method consultation. Dr. L. R. Murray is a rheologist who specializes in soft material physics for industrial and academic research. The aim of the firm is to provide methods and information for laboratories to get started with rheology testing or fully utilize their existing instrumentation to save time and money with R&D, product development, and quality control. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services do you provide? 

  • Rheology Education: Online or in-person training for shear rheometer usage, rheology fundamentals, and rheometry test methods specific to the client's academic or industrial needs. 

  • Rheology Literature Reports: Get up to speed quickly with a customized report on which methods and published studies apply your area of interest with recommended steps for applying the information for your uses. 

  • Rheology Advice: Whether troublehshooting or ideas to help you get your project started in the right direction, Murray Rheology offers web meetings to address and propose methods and sources for your soft material characterization. 

What are some example projects that you handle? 

  • Training Laboratory Personnel:  On-site training that covers caring and keeping of a shear rheometer, best practices for loading samples and interpreting data, and theory behind the test methods in use.  Tailored for either research scientists, lab managers, engineers, or technicians. 

  • Collaborations with Lab Groups: From time to time research centers of various fields will find themselves with research questions that involve rheology but do not have a rheologist on staff to assist.  Murray Rheology provides a rheologist to fill that role without the need of the organization to hire another worker. Whether a one-time meeting or ongoing weekly meetings, data interpretation, test method development, and other problem solving activities. 

  • Method Development for Atypical Soft Materials: Murray Rheology provides advice and background knowledge for atypical materials. From pointing your team in the right direction for methods and handling to reviewing and training them on applicable studies, Murray Rheology Consulting sheds light on murky areas.  

Who are your clients? 

Our clients range from large companies to small enterprises that handle soft materials ranging from pure liquids to rubbery solids. Individuals and groups are both provided with rheology education across various industries.  

Do you provide rheometer sample testing? 

We do not conduct sample testing, but we are happy to refer you to test labs that can serve your needs. 

Can we use your services through a larger online provider?

Yes - Murray Rheology Consulting is a member of Science Exchange. If you would like to use Science Exchange as a platform for requesting services, you can find us here: Murray Rheoloygy Consulting - Science Exchange

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