Rheology Representative, Anton Paar USA

  •  Provided technical consultation for rheometer users in industry and academia

  • Coordinated and lead meetings to discuss client needs and implement rheology solutions

  • Planned and presented educational rheology seminars

  • Initiated collaborations with professors and industrial scientists

  • Composed application reports for customers

  • Applied materials science knowledge for developing test methods for processing, quality control, and product development

PhD Research Assistant, Purdue University

  • Lead research projects on polymer physics and colloidal science

  • Designed test methods for characterizing colloidal suspensions for processing applications

  • Correlated structure-property relationships for polymer additives for fluids

  • Collaborated with industry and academic contacts for method development 

  • Graduated with PhD in Materials Engineering August 2015

Featured Presentations

Anton Paar USA Webinar, January 2017, “Rheological Applications: Shear Thickening in Concentrated Colloidal Suspensions”, L. Murray.


American Chemical Society National Meeting, Denver, March 2015, Oral Presentation in Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Symposium: “Polymer-Particle Rheological Analysis of Adsorbed Cement Additives for Improved Processing”, L.  Murray, E. Soltys, K. Erk


American Chemical Society National Meeting, San Francisco, August 2014, Oral Presentation: “Rheological study of Particle Jamming within model Cementitious Suspensions with Comb-Polymer Stabilizers”, L. Murray, K. Erk;


American Chemical Society National Meeting, San Francisco, August 2014, Poster Presentation: “Rheology and Deposition Dynamics of Hairy Nanoparticle Suspensions for Processing of Polymer Nanocomposite Materials”, K. Gao, L. Kearney, L. Murray, K. Erk, J. Howarter


American Chemical Society National Meeting, Indianapolis, September 2013, Poster Presentation: “Fluid Fracture in Comb-Polymer Stabilized Colloidal Suspensions under Shear”, L. Murray, K. Erk

Featured Publications

L. Murray et al., “Influence of adsorbed and non-adsorbed polymer additives on the viscosity of magnesium oxide suspensions”, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Jan. 2018, 135, 3, 45696.


L. Murray, C. Gupta, N. Washburn, K. Erk, “Lignopolymers as viscosity-reducing additives in model cementitious suspensions", Journal of Colloid and Interfacial Science, 2015, 459, 107.


L. Murray and K. Erk, “Jamming Rheology of Model Cementitious Suspensions Composed of Comb-Polymer Stabilized Magnesium Oxide Particles”, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014, 131, 12, 40429.


B. Elliott, K. Steckbeck, L. Murray, K. Erk, "Rheological Investigation of the Shear Strength, Durability, and Recovery of Alginate Rafts Formed By Antacid Medication in Varying pH Environments," International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 457, 1, 2013, 118-123.

Featured Projects

Rheology of Comb-polymer Stabilized MgO Colloidal Suspensions                Fall 2012 - 2015

Graduate Research Project at Purdue University, supervised and trained undergraduate student, created MgO suspensions with commercial comb-polymer additive, designed and conducted experiments to correlate structure-property relationships to flow behavior for cement applications, analyzed data in terms of macro and micro-scale particle-particle interactions and particle-polymer interactions, theorized particle microstructures and fluid fracture mechanisms, characterized polymer with FTIR, zeta potential, dynamic light scattering


Rheology of Lignin-based polymers as Cement Plasticizers                        Spring 2014 - 2015

Graduate Research Project at Purdue University, collaborated with Dr. Newell Washburn at Carnegie Mellon University, designed rheology experiments for lignopolymer in MgO suspensions, compared flow properties to industrial plasticizers, evaluated concentration effects on particle-polymer flow behavior, tested suspensions with couette and vane rheometry fixtures


Ultrasonic Speckle Velocimetry (USV) Rheology                                          Summer 2014 - 2015

Graduate Research Project at Purdue University and Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) de Lyon, France, collaborated with Dr. Sebastian Manneville, received ultrasound rheology training at ENS de Lyon, designed and conducted USV rheology experiments for MgO suspensions, built USV Rheometer at Purdue University


Rheology of Polymer-grafted Silica Nanoparticles                                        Fall 2013 - 2014

Graduate Research Project at Purdue University, performed dynamic light scattering measurements, applied polymer conformation theories to particle sizing, examined data for friction forces between polymer chains


CV: Dr. L. R. Murray

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