Rheology Training and Education

  • Training is offered for students, researchers, lab managers, and technicians

  • Each training request is met with a customized agenda focusing on the rheology topics most relevant to you

  • Online Rheology classes available in addition to On-site Training

Online Rheology Classes

Our newest training class, Rheology Basics, is available here from Teachable.


With seven hours of recorded video lectures and quizzes, Rheology Basics provides step-by-step instruction for designing a rheometry method for beginners. The course emphasis on applied rheology gives learners the skills to customize methods and analyze data for their own work. 

Also included is access to the instructor for asking questions, PDFs of lecture materials, and helpful handouts for practicing rheometry skills. 

In-Person Training 

Basic Rheology Training is available for a 1 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour, or multiple days classroom session either onsite or online via a webinar. Shorter sessions are compact, whereas longer sessions cover more examples in greater detail with more customized content. 

Educational Seminars cover a specific rheology area with more advanced knowledge and detail. 

Examples of specific topics for Educational Seminars include polymer solutions, colloids and emulsions, and gels. In addition to sample type, these seminars also focus on the industrial goal of the rheometry, such as processing, formulation, or product development. 

Basic Rheology Training covers the following topics: 

  • What is Rheology

  • Rheological Variables and Useful Output

  • General Rheology Applications in Industry and Research 

  • Shear Rheometers: How Measurements are Made

  • Basic Rotation and Oscillation Rheometry Methods

  • Best Practices for Samples Preparation

  • Distinguishing Good and Bad Data

  • Care and Keeping of a Shear Rheometer 

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